BeanBon Home Coffee Roaster

There's no other presents better than having BeanBon, an elegant design coffee roaster, for people like coffee. 

Whether you sample roast in 60g - 120g batches, the BeanBon can elevate your coffee evaluation process. 

Roasting at home is that easy! 😆
Coffee bean freshness is no longer an issue. With just one tap, you can start roasting at home and enjoy great coffee. Enrich special moments with more flavor and aroma. ☕

Addtional giveaway along with shipment:
A set of BeanBon cleaning set
A pair of BeanBon working gloves


BeanBon Home Coffee Roaster also combines the practicality for home users.
It'll be your best decision to have BeanBon for exploring the journey of coffee.

🔘 Simple, Stylish, Compact
🔘 Portable with convenience
🔘 Sample roasting new coffee is always exciting.
🔘 Batches from 60 - 120g are all available.
🔘 Taste the freshness
🔘 Finish the roast in 10 minutes.

For green bean traders and commercial roasters, BeanBon is the great fit for sample roasting. 80g green beans a batch is just right amount for it. Smart Mode or Creator Mode are all your choices.

【Smart Mode】 roasts a batch of beans within 10 minutes.
One click to start the Smart Mode roasting with selection of 8 roasting profiles. 

【Guru Mode】 makes coffee lovers roast coffee like a pro at home.
Let machine to have Professional Roasters’ craft by scanning QR Code via Guru Mode on App.  

【Creator Mode】 makes your own signature coffee with adjustable App.
Creator Mode gives control to you for the roasting time/heat/airflow anytime in the roasting through free App connecting via Bluetooth. Also, users could save and duplicate the roasting profiles, and even share the profiles with people of the same taste. 

Give you an unexpected surprise price, come and ask us!

✨The most worthy home coffee roaster
✨Top choice for newbie in coffee roasting
✨Great fit for sample roasting


  • 8 built-in roasting profiles with one simple touch.
  • Monitor roasting with hassle-free App.
  • 7 levels of airflow and 9 levels of heat for freely setting parameters.
  • Exclusive guru profiles to mimic the coffee guru at home.
  • Easy to disassemble and clean up, clearer & better-tasting coffee.
  • Made in Taiwan, quality assured and guaranteed.

Operation Video

BeanBon Instructions

The feature of BeanBon home coffee roaster is roasting a small number of beans, make everyone could drink fresh coffee. With Smart Mode, Guru Mode and Creator Mode not only make roasting easier but also drink fresher. BeanBon invited Jason Hua, twice WCRC Taiwan Champion to show us how to roast good beans at home.

BeanBon cleaning demonstration

One of the challenges of roasting coffee at home is to deal with the byproduct, chaff. We have tackled this issue by creating a "Chaff Collector" with ease. The chaff will be slipped into and stay inside the removable collector located on top of BeanBon during roasting. By simply pulling off the top cover, lift the collector, and dump the chaff to the trash bin, it is no longer a pain in the neck to discard the chaff.

  • "Chaff Collector" Cleaning is a breeze.
  • "Outer glass protection" Prevent you from burns.
  • "Glass Roasting Chamber" Real-time observation of roasting progress.
  • "Anodized Aluminum Chassis" Scratch-resistant aluminum always looks sleek and brand new.
  • "Patented Bean Dispensing Function" One press is all it takes.
  • "LED Digital Display" Easily monitor roasting time.
  • "Magnetically Aligned Bean Cup" One gentle push sets it back securely in place.
  • "One Simple Touch" 8 built-in roast profiles.

Flavor Chart Of Smart Mode

Flavor Chart Of Smart Mode


    • Power Supply:AC 110V or 220V / 60Hz
    • Max. Output:1500W
    • Dimensions:211 x142 x376mm (rubber base incl.)
    • Weight:4.36kg
    • Heating Method:Up & Down airflow
    • Bean Collection:Patented and safe bean dispensing function
    • Embedded microchip
    • Embedded temperature sensor
    • Bluetooth 4.0
    • Motor:DC Motor
    • Electric Heating Wire:2-safety switch
    • Continuous knob to start / Stop with one turn
    • 4 digit LCD, display the roast level or the countdown to the end of roasting.
    • Glass Parts:Made of borosilicate glass used for food container; low CTE: α=33; thermal resistant to temperature difference up to 150℃
      Inner Pipe Thickness:3.5mm, high-temperature resistance ( > 400℃ )
      Outer Pipe Thickness:4.0mm, high-temperature resistance ( > 400℃ )
    • Roasting Amount:60 - 120g per batch
    • Bean Cup Capacity:< 110g after roasting

Made in Taiwan

BeanBon Home Roaster is manufactured by the most qualified and experienced factories in Taiwan. Every phase of product development from concept, manufacturing, and assembly are all completed in Taiwan. BeanBon Home Roaster is safe and quality assured.

Product warranty

Simple and streamline exterior design and aluminum alloy not only make BeanBon Home Roaster more aesthetic appealing but also make it more resistant to scratches from normal wear or usage. BeanBon Home Roaster with one-year warranty.


BeanBon 家用咖啡烘豆機,整機台灣製造組裝,各式零件庫存齊備,維修有保障,讓您用得安心,品質更放心!

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