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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

For the websites managed by Avigo Technology Co., Ltd., which are included but not limited to BeanBon Coffee Roaster (, we consider your privacy protection important, so we will collect, process and use your personal information according to the Computer-processed Personal Data Protection Law and this Privacy Policy. And we’ll also provide you the right and protection on exercising power toward your personal information.

The Coverage of this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy and the included relevant informed items are only available in the websites owned and managed by Avigo Technology Co., Ltd. This website may have many links, Privacy Policy and personal date protection related informed items.

Revealed information requested by Computer-processed Personal Date Protection Law

  1. Name of the collecting unit: Avigo Technology Co., Ltd
  2. Purpose for collecting: It’s to provide our related service, marketing, contract, similar contract or other legislative affairs, customer management and service, online shopping and other electronic commerce service, advertisement and business management affairs, and all the legal affairs matching the business registration items and articles of organization.

Reminder: Internet is not a safe data transferring environment. Please keep your personal information unrevealed while using this website. It’s because these information could be collected and used by others especially in the public occasions, like chat rooms, message boards. Besides, you should avoid posting your personal information, password or email...etc.

Personal information collection

  1. We don’t proactively ask for entering your personal information when you browse the websites managed by us.
  2. We will ask you to register your personal information to finish the transaction or other related service after you have done the purchasing process or activities participation.
  3. To protect the benefits of members, customers who visit and purchase in our website for the first time, will be upgraded to become our member automatically after the transaction is confirmed.
  4. Please ensure the correctness of your personal information. We won’t be responsible for any damage or false because of the incorrectness or incompleteness in the information provided by you. All these responsibilities should be on yours.
  5. If you refuse to provide the personal information, you may not be able to use some of the services on this website.
  6. Please promptly save your own membership account and password, and avoid providing above mentioned information to anyone, or allowing anyone to apply or use the account and password according to your personal information. We don’t take the responsibility for the incorrect use of password.
  7. If you share the same computer, or use the public computer, please remember to close the browser to avoid others seeing your information and acquire your account.
  8. Subscribing to the newsletter only requires Email account. If users want to cancel subscription, you could contact the related website for customer service to cancel.

Personal Information Categories

Identification: Name, Occupation, Contact Phone Number, Email Address.
Characteristic: Age, Gender, Birth Date...etc.
Social behavior: Hobbies, Entertainments, Life style, Consumption pattern...etc.
Education / Skill / Profession
Job: Companies, titles...etc.
Others: Necessary information for finishing the transactions, Email records, Comments on website, auto-saved system data and other data could directly or indirectly be used to identify the user’s personal information...etc.
All information mentioned above will be only collected by the ones actually acquired by us.

Methods for exercising power on Personal Information

According to Computer-processed Personal Date Protection Law Act 3, you have the right to ask for inquiring or demanding reading, making copy, making supplement or correction, requiring to stop collection, processing and making use of, eliminating your personal information. You could exercise your power through sending email to “” (To avoid email system failure or any other possible reasons resulting email delivery fail, the cases could be established only for the ones with response from us.) to have the right mentioned above. We will deal with your request after we receive your email request. If there’s any necessities for our website to fulfill the duties and affairs, and following the relevant laws and rules to save the date of transaction for investigation, these actions are not limited.

Explanation for Personal Information Collection, Process and Usage

We will share some of the information about our website to your social media page through Facebook or other similar social media system after having your agreement. If you disagree to share these information, please don’t click agree button, or you could remove or refuse our website to share related message on your social media through the member system of the social media. If have any questions, you could contact us. We’ll help to check and deal with related problems. If the receiving address, consignee and contact way aren’t your personal information, you agree to provide agreement from people, who are involved, to us, and represent us to inform the involved people about the official statement beforehand. Except providing information to Judiciary, Prosecutor, relevant government departments, or the companies cooperated with us to execute related campaigns in necessary usage, we won’t permit providing your personal information to the third party carelessly. When our company or this website is totally, partially divided, managed by independent subsidiary, or merged or purchased by the third party, above mentioned situations will result in the transfer of management right, and we will make the related details public on this website. Besides, the whole or the partial user information owned by us or this website will be probably transferred to the third party while the management right is transferred. But, the coverage of the personal information will be limited to the part related to the service transferred to the third party. If the management of our company or this website is transferred to the third party, you will still be our member. If you don’t want us to use your personal information in the future, you could exercise your power to us according to this Privacy Policy.


For future recognition, we will set up and read Cookie on your computer when you use the service on this website. You could adjust the setting on your computers or the Internet devices to decide whether you permit the using of Cookie. If you choose to turn Cookie off, it’ll result in some inconvenience or restriction of the function when you have the service on this website.

The Modification of Privacy Policy

We have the power to modify this Privacy Policy and the right for every content on this website in any time. Besides publishing the modification announcement at the same position on this website, there will be no individual notifications to each of the members. If you have any questions or disagreements for modification on this Privacy Policy, you could use email ( to directly contact us, or you could stop use the service on this website.

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